Welcome to the SunBelt Collegiate League

The mission of the Sun Belt Collegiate League is to provide a highly competitive summer program that will offer players that are either have recently graduated from high school or attending college, the opportunity to develop and enhance their playing skills that will lead towards further advancement in college and at the professional level.

Sun Belt College League, a Premier designated NBC summer college league, will have a berth in this World Series event in Wichita, Kansas


June 22 to August
Wichita, Kansas


The Sun Belt Collegiate League has been designated by the National Baseball Congress (NBC) as a Premier Summer College League.   The Sun Belt Collegiate Premier League joins 15 other long standing summer premier collegiate leagues.   The NBC is located out of Wichita, Kansas and has been in operation since 1934.

With the designation as Premier College League, the Sun Belt Collegiate League receives an automatic berth in the NBC World Series that is held in Wichita, Kansas and will begin July 22 and run through to August 6.  In 2016 over 55,000 attended the NBC World Series games and is attended in mass with college coaches and professional scouts that come to Wichita for this two week event.

The 2017 Sun Belt Collegiate League invites players from throughout Southern Arizona that have graduated from high school and are currently enrolled in college the opportunity to be a part of this Premier summer collegiate league as well as the opportunity to be a part of the first Sun Belt Collegiate team that participates in the NBC World Series.

Players wishing to participate are required to register and pay on-line through the Kino Baseball League web site and the Sun Belt Collegiate League link.  Registration is open now through May 31, 2017.  Players can also contact the teams that are listed on the Sun Belt web site for further team information.  The league will begin play on Monday, June 5.

List of nationwide NBC Premier Leagues that the Sun Belt Collegiate League joins:

League                     Headquarters State
Alaska Baseball League                 Palmer           Alaska
California Collegiate League                Santa Barbara California
CenTex Collegiate League                San Antonio    Texas
Coastal Baseball League                 Beach City     Texas
Jayhawk Collegiate League                 Wichita         Kansas
M.I.N.K. League                            Chillicothe       Missouri
Mountain Collegiate Baseball League   Fort Collins            Colorado
Northern Illinois Baseball League    Palos Heights Illinois
Pacific International League                Seattle           Washington
Rocky Mountain Baseball League    Lakewood             Colorado
Sooner Collegiate League               Broken Arrow Oklahoma
So. California Collegiate Baseball  Palm Springs            California
Sun Belt Collegiate League                 Tucson                    Arizona
Walter Johnson League                Goddard        Kansas
Western Baseball Association San Diego           California

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83rd NBC World Series

Opening Day - Saturday, July 22
Championship Night - Sunday, August 6


The annual NBC World Series Tournament continues to showcase the best amateur baseball talent in America and around the world; from Ian Kinsler, Hunter Pence, Paul Goldschmidt, Alex Gordon, Michael Young, Health Bell, Mark Teixeira, Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, Mark Grace, Roger Clemens, Tony Gwynn, and Ozzie Smith, the NBC is a who’s who for the future of MLB. Each year, nearly every major league team sends scouts to the tournament looking for the next diamond in the rough. With 32 teams competing, the NBC World Series is a tournament which has no equal and will crown its 83rd National Champion in August.

83rd NBC World Series

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